Weekly energyflowfitness Home Classes

$34.99 a month after 7-day free trial

energyflowfitness.tv is our subscription channel featuring sessions recorded by our Teachers for you to do at a time that suits you. It was set up in haste in March when Covid-19 restrictions meant that we could no longer meet for our weekly classes and was a sharp learning curve for the team.

A subscription costs the same as one mat class a week and profits are distributed between the Teachers to help keep everyone going over this period. You can contact us for help with getting started with Pilates, questions on the exercises or just general questions about exercise at home through our Facebook group "energyflowfitness Pilates @Home" or through the energyflowfitness.tv forums on this site.

energyflowfitness.tv helps take the place of your regular weekly Pilates class. Each week our Teachers provide new content for you to try at home. It's another opportunity to help people stay in shape from home ready for the return to normal life. It includes:

• Many of your regular Pilates classes now taking place via Zoom, which we will record for you to do at home later.
• Short 10-20 minute sessions with different Teachers focusing on a multitude of topics and using props from around the house!
• Guest Teachers are providing other types of exercise to get us doing some more aerobic cardio sessions, including HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and advice of staying healthy during lockdown.
• Workshops will be coming soon…

We aim to provide one new video per Teacher per week, and we will keep adding and removing videos so that you have a varied selection to keep you entertained!

Keep safe
Sarah and the team x

  • Jamie's Express Workouts

    2 videos

    Jamie's short 10-20 workouts

  • Alexandra's Express Workouts

    3 videos

    Alexandra's short 10-20 workouts

  • Abi's Express Workouts

    4 videos

    Abi's short 10-20 workouts

  • Sarah's Express Workouts

    7 videos

    Sarah's short 10-20 workouts

  • Lyndsey's Home Classes

    4 videos

    Book an online class or one to one session with Lyndsey at https://www.energyflowfitness.co.uk/about/lyndsey/

    Lyndsey was 14yrs old when she first encountered Pilates, having been sent to ex Northern Ballet Theatre Principal, Graciela Kaplan, for 1:1 classes to strengthen her hyper-mobile body ...

  • Jamie's Home Classes

    3 videos

    Book an online class or one to one session with Jamie at https://www.energyflowfitness.co.uk/about/jamie/

    After studying Fine Art at University, Jamie landed a typical office job, which lacked the passion that studying art had given her. In an effort to get some spark back into her life, she dis...

  • Abi's Home Classes

    2 videos

    Book an online class or one to one session with Abi at https://www.energyflowfitness.co.uk/about/abi/

    Abi attended The Arts Educational School, London where her studies in Art, Dance and Theatre, sparked a love of movement and a fascination with the human form. She continued to nurture this at U...

  • Alexandra's Home Classes

    8 videos

    Book an online class or one to one session with Alexandra at https://www.energyflowfitness.co.uk/about/alexandra/

    Alexandra, originally from Nashville, Tennessee, has been practising Pilates for ten years. Her first introduction to the technique was in dance class to help treat and prevent injur...

  • Sarah's Home Classes

    8 videos

    Book an online class or one to one session with Sarah at https://www.energyflowfitness.co.uk/about/sarah/

    Sarah has been passionate about fitness since she got her first Jane Fonda book and audiotapes in 1983! She started working in health clubs in ’95 and set up energy flow fitness in 2003 as ...

  • Workshops
    1 video


    1 video

    Our occasional workshops for all levels and sports specific exercise programs.

  • 10 - 20 Minute Workouts

    12 videos

    Short 10-20 minute videos. Each of these videos works as a complete mini-workout. Got more time? Pick any that suit you and create your own bespoke workout!

  • Guest Teachers
    7 videos

    Guest Teachers

    7 videos

  • Bridget's Mindfulness

    9 videos

    Bridget is a Breathworks accredited mindfulness teacher. She stumbled upon mindfulness when she was suffering from anxiety and depression and found that it helped in a long-lasting way that other interventions hadn't. She realised that the more she practiced, the better able to cope with life’s u...

  • Exercises with a Foam Roller

    3 videos

    Exercise routines using a Foam Roller or equivalent

  • Excercises with Bands

    2 videos

    Exercise routines using Bands

  • Exercises with Small Weigths

    3 videos

    Exercise routines using Small Weights